Arellano Cleaning is your reliable partner for VCT flooring cleaning services. With extensive experience in the industry, we provide robust, high-quality, and cost-effective cleaning services. Through our expertise, we help you maintain an impeccably clean and sparkling commercial facility that stands apart from other buildings in the vicinity.

Using the most advanced procedures and eco-friendly VCT flooring products, we deliver outstanding cleaning . Our fully equipped, trained, and experienced team has the capability to execute any scale of VCT flooring  project with speed and efficiency.

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Our trained and experienced team provides efficient and cost-effective preventive maintenance services that quickly identify any problems and resolve them before becoming big issues. We help you protect your expensive investment at a small price.


Custom-Tailored Preventive Maintenance Plan For Your Property

Every property is different and has unique maintenance requirements. After thoroughly assessing the requirements of your property, we design a custom-tailored preventive maintenance plan. Our plan is according to the needs, size, and type of your property. We ensure that you get world-class cleaning services at the most competitive rates.

While scheduling your preventive maintenance and cleaning, you can confidently rely on our expertise. We are fully equipped with advanced cleaning equipment, tools, and trained staff to deliver top-notch cleaning services. We have up-to-date knowledge of the latest eco-friendly and non-toxic cleaning products and maintenance methodologies. We adopt the best maintenance practices that keep your property in its optimal condition.

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Taking professional VCT floor cleaning services from Arellano Cleaning offers several benefits.

  • Our professional cleaning enables easier regular maintenance such as mopping and sweeping.
  • Protects your expensive investment by extending its life
  • A clean and fresh looking building attracts new customers
  • Clean and hygienic space ensures a healthy environment free of contaminants
  • Cost-effective in the long-run
  • Lowers cost of maintenance

Our expert cleaning team uses state-of-the-art cleaning equipment and products that preserve the beauty and life of your VCT flooring. We can remove old wax from the VCT floor and apply a new coat to restore its appearance and color.

We also identify any damages to your tiles during the process and immediately notify you to prevent any further damage. Our premium quality wax coating gives a glass-like finish to your flooring. Plus, we can help you maintain the flooring with our regular cleaning and maintenance job. We ensure that your floor remains in the best possible condition for a long time.