When you are operating a gym, fitness facility, or health center, you have to deal with lots of challenges. From offering highly competitive rates to maintaining the latest fitness equipment, giving special offers to attract more members to space logistics, you have to look after numerous aspects.

With so many challenges, it is often possible that you overlook one of the most important aspects of your fitness facility, i.e., cleanliness. A sparkling clean, fresh-smelling, and hygienic fitness facility is sure to attract many more customers than you can expect. Especially during these tough times, cleanliness, hygiene, and sanitization of facilities are critical for health.

Arellano Cleaning is a reliable and cost-effective partner for fitness facility cleaning services. We offer state-of-the-art cleaning services that give your fitness center an inviting and fresh feel for existing and new members.

Your gym or fitness center members can concentrate more on achieving their fitness goals rather than worrying about the cleaning and sanitary conditions of the environment. They help you get more and more customers by telling others about the cleanliness and hygiene standards you maintain at your facility.

Helping You Create Safer, Healthier and Cleaner
Commercial Environments

Whether you have a 2 million square foot industrial facility or a 2000 square foot office, our team can work on cleaning projects of any size, type and scale. We can work around the clock according to your schedule to create and maintain healthier, safer and cleaner workplace environments.

We are well-versed with the latest cleaning techniques, which, combined with our innovative tools and environmentally-friendly products, give you sparkling shine and cleanliness. All the products we use are bio-degradable with minimum chemicals and comply with safety and health standards.


At Arellano Cleaning, we help you create a refreshing, pleasant smelling, and healthy environment at your fitness facility. No matter what size of the facility you are running, we can develop a customized cleaning plan according to your specific requirements and budget.

Our trained, certified, and licensed cleaners are fully equipped with the latest cleaning gadgets and equipment. We select the right tools and eco-friendly cleaning products to ensure a healthy, safe, and fresh environment for your visitors and members.

High contact surfaces at your fitness facility like dumbbells, cardio machines, treadmills, and other items are highly vulnerable to spread infectious microorganisms like bacteria, viruses, and other contaminants.

We use EPA certified, environmentally-friendly, and safe products on these high-contact surfaces. Thus, we ensure to thoroughly eliminate these infectious germs, bacteria, and viruses and prevent the spread of diseases. From cleaning rest areas to floors, and locker rooms to equipment, we have you covered for all fitness facility cleaning needs.

Whether you are operating a large fitness center or a small local gym, spa, or high-end fitness facility, we leverage the latest techniques and safe products. Hence, your guests feel stress-free, relaxed, and confident in a refreshing and thoroughly clean environment.

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Cleaning services available for all commercial spaces

No matter you need a cleaning service for your retail shop or your multi-story office space, we can serve any kind of commercial space with our cleaning services. With our customized and thorough cleaning quote, you can make an informed decision about the cleaning requirements of your space. 

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Our licensed, trained and uniformed cleaning team ensures that your facility or workplace sparkles like a jewel 24/7 and 365 days a year. We provide you with daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly cleaning plans that accommodate emergencies, meet your business needs, off-hour requests and tackle any challenging cleaning task with speed and efficiency.